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For more than 10 years, FEO has created custom ties, scarves, hats and many other accessories and gifts for schools, universities, alumni, fraternity, sororities, churches and many other organizations.

During the last decade, we have worked to establish very strong relationships with our artists and suppliers to ensure we are giving you the highest quality at the best prices! Please look around and feel free to inquire on more information about custom made items.

We Create Customized:

  • Scarfs & Shawls
  • Jackets, Shirts & Sweaters
  • Hats & Hoodies
  • School/College Paraphenilia
  • Men Ties & Bow Ties
  • and embroidered accesoories

We Create Beautiful Apparel That You Desire

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Why We Exist

For Educators Only is designed to unite educators with our selection of modern day apparel.  Each item bares the FEO’s signature trademark and is adorned by many educators throughout the country.

Our signature items include: Educators umbrellas (a must have), ladies tees, men tees, sweatshirts, baseball caps, warm up suits, assorted bags, and silver (plated) educators charm bracelets with matching gift boxes! All these items bare the FEO trade mark symbol.

By outfitting educators with FEO apparel, it is our hope to bring about a sense of pride and unity among educators. Our goal is to unite educators throughout the country in apparel created to honor one of the noblest professions around!

We Can Give Your Event or Organization Life

Custom FOE Wear
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